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Procurement Maturity Assessments

“[The PMA] is a very valuable process for us to participate in, which is benefitting us hugely and I foresee that it will continue to do so.” 

-          Carey McLaughlin, Head of Accounting Services, University of Sussex on his experience with the PMA Programme


What is a Procurement Maturity Assessment (PMA)?

A Procurement Maturity Assessment is an independent detailed assessment of your procurement function and provides you with a bespoke action plan for improvement, a baseline to measure improvements, as well as a benchmark scores against similar institutions. The purpose of this is to help institutions to understand and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their procurement functions, which can, in turn, lead to significant efficiency savings.

Why Should You Sign Up for a PMA?

The PMA programme has been hailed as game changer for procurement in the HE sector. Since the inception of the of the PMA programme, over 95 institutions have taken part and there has been a continuous improvement of sector-wide scores in each category of assessment. Universities that have returned for a follow-up assessment showed an average 22% improvement in their overall performance, meaning their procurement functions had significantly improved. For more information, please read the Efficiency, Effectiveness and Value for Money Report.

You can see how the PMAs have helped individual institutions in the case studies below. Additionally, you can see how the PMAs have positively impacted members and the wider industry here

Case Studies:
The Road to Improved Procurement Maturity
University of Bristol
University for the Creative Arts
University of Hertfordshire
University of West London

What Will You Get?

1. A detailed assessment by an independent experienced procurement expert of the level of procurement maturity in your institution.


Assessment is based on around 50 data points, covering nine procurement attributes:
•    Governance
•    Reporting and KPIs
•    Organisation
•    Resource and Skills
•    Corporate and Social Responsibility
•    Collaboration
•    Information Systems/P2P
•    Supplier Strategy and Policy
•    Category Management.    


2. Benchmark scores for how your institution compares with others, both overall and in specific aspects of procurement; this establishes a baseline for your institution allowing you to ensure improvements are visible.


3. An action plan, agreed with your institution, for improving procurement efficiency and effectiveness.


4. An annual review on action plan progress and re-assessment.
The first year process will take no more than two half-days as well as some preparation and reviewing time.


For those institutions interested, the SUPC Procurement Shared Service can also provide support in implementing the programme recommendations. You can contact Judith Russell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on implementation support.

What Does it Cost?

The fee for new clients signing up to the PMA programme is £3000 + VAT for a full assessment, action plan and benchmark information. An interim PMA with reduced report and action plan is available for £2000 + VAT*.

*An interim PMA is only available to those institutions that have had a Full PMA; it is a lighter touch assessment and report. To remain in the national benchmark, institutions should have a Full PMA every three to four years

Who Should You Contact?

For further information about how we can help your institution please contact Judith Russell, PMA Programme Manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tel: 07986 911918.

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