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SUPC Releases Statements on Sustainability, Modern Slavery and Working with SMEs

SUPC Releases Statements on Sustainability, Modern Slavery and Working with SMEs

Sustainability (and the social, environmental and economic aspects it entails) is becoming increasing important to higher education institutions in the UK, and is now a tenet of UK public sector procurement policy (see the Social Value Act of 2012 and the Modern Slavery Act of 2015). As a key service provider of collaborative procurement solutions to the higher education sector, SUPC has cemented its commitment to upholding high standards of sustainability in our agreements.  We are pleased to release three statements outlining our approach to core aspects of sustainable procurement:



We are committed to embedding sustainability in all aspects of the procurement process and its wider activities, and to supporting and promoting sustainability within our member institutions, within our office, and among our staff. Our activities aim to address the social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability.  


These statements are meant to inform SUPC members, suppliers and the wider public about our policies towards sustainability, modern slavery and working with SMEs.  They may also be used to help our members develop their own policies.


You can learn more about how SUPC is supporting sustainable procurement here, or contact SUPC Head of Operational Procurement This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.