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SUPC Category Updates - 9 June 2020

SUPC Category Updates - 9 June 2020

9th June 2020


As more information about the coronavirus and its impact is emerging, we continue to explore potential impacts on supply chains.  Our category managers are working with suppliers and counter-parts across the consortia to understand which suppliers may be impacted, how this might impact supply, and what, if any, contingencies can be made.  As part of our work we are keeping a close eye on the long-term sustainability of framework suppliers and will update you with information, as it becomes available. You can find updates on each of our Categories below.


Academic Services


Covid-19 issues:

  • Most suppliers coping as digital spend is strong but Dawson Books now up for sale.

Future implications:

  • Libraries are expecting reduced budgets.
  • Libraries reticent to purchase print when students remote or there is a risk of a second lockdown.
  • Zero-rating of VAT on e-publications makes them more affordable but most libraries expect that VAT saving to be cut from their budget in addition to a ‘real terms’ cut.
  • Expect remote learning will mean greater importance placed on discoverability of titles and also accessibility of e-book platforms – both issues were in tender strategy pre-COVID.

Member support:

  • Fortnightly virtual coffee mornings for SUPC Library Group.
  • Fortnightly virtual coffee morning SUPC/LUPC Metadata & Discovery Group.
  • Liaising with BUFDG to provide accurate information regarding VAT changes.
  • Liaising with APUC and EPS to provide accurate information regarding Dawson Books sale.


Future category/pipeline activity:

  • Books/e-books retender – ITT planned for late 2020.
  • APUC Streaming Video & Training Services – ITT planned for June 2020 with SUPC contribution.
  • Working on e-book preservation solutions alongside APUC and EPS.
  • Working towards affordable/large-scale digital textbook solutions alongside Jisc.

Please contact Category Manager Gavin Phillips for more details.


Corporate Services


The Travel framework has seen a dramatic reduction in spend going through it. This should start to pick up as lockdown restrictions are eased and internal borders are opened. The industry thinks it might be up to 4 years for the industry to fully recover to 2019 levels.


Covid-19 issues:

  • Travel suppliers were forced to act quickly and have had to furlough numerous members of staff. Bookings are about 95% down and cancellations continue to take place.
  • Temporary and Permanent Recruitment agency suppliers adapted quickly to the side note attached to PPN02/20 regarding the furloughing of temp workers and the confusion around this quickly subsided.
  • NERARs suppliers are essentially waiting for institutions to open and pick up relationships and move the business forwards.

Future category pipeline/activity:

  • NWUPC are progressing the Global Mobility Services. LUPC is bringing forward the retender of Legal Services and Debt Collection, although dates currently TBA.

Please contact Category Manager Jayne Thorn for more details.



  • Extensions for both Asbestos frameworks have been enacted.
  • Estates Framework database detailing framework solutions available from the broader public sector has been refreshed and updated.
  • Taron is seeking to prepare a standard list of PPE requirements which may facilitate “return to work” amongst members so that a co-ordinated approach to the PPE market place can be made once immediate NHS requirements have been fulfilled and the pricing available has stabilised.

Please contact Assistant Category Manager Taron Smith for more details.



Up to the end of Quarter 2, all three SUPC ICT led agreements have shown an increase in spend:

  • SLRA +19%
  • ITRAP +7%
  • SSSNA +2.5% 

Covid-19 issues:

All suppliers on the SUPC led ICT agreements have adapted quickly to remote working, delivering to people’s home addresses and hedging.


Specific Frameworks Implications:

  • NDNA – Price increases from some suppliers and stock issues on laptops.  Stock has now almost returned to normal.
  • NEPA - a significant reduction in sales and maintenance call outs.
  • SSSNA – predicted revenue falls of up to 80% across Q3 and Q4 within Enterprise.
  • JISC Network Equipment - Non-standard/bespoke equipment impact in terms of lead times.
  • AV products and services - 83% of the global AV supply chain is negatively impacted, with 44% of companies reducing staff numbers, and 54% seeking financial support from Central Governments.

Future category pipeline/activity:

  • SLRA – tender delayed until June – framework extended to 30th November 2020
  • SSSNA – tender delayed until September – framework being extended until 30th April 2021
  • Apple – tender delayed until June – framework extended to 31st December 2020
  • NEPA 2 – tender delayed until June – framework extended to 31st December 2020
  • AV – out to tender but deadline delayed due to market conditions – new framework live from 1st August 2020
  • IT Equip Disposal – tender delayed until October 2020 – contract extended to 31st March 2021
  • Online Streaming/training – tender out – framework live by October 2020

Please contact Category Manager Tammie Purdue for more details.



  • Dani is seconded to support the NHS initiative with the sourcing of PPE and further information regarding her activities on this project will be provided in due course.
  • The programme for the renewal of the Gases framework is currently under review to enable suppliers to focus efforts on support to NHS requirements.