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SUPC’s Telecommunications Group allows members to discuss key topics of interest regarding the procurement of telecommunications services and equipment.

Membership of this group is open to:
•    Staff who purchase telecommunications equipment and services (particularly within Estates or ICT)
•    Procurement department staff

By participating in this group, members will:
•    Discuss trends and  share operational best practice for this commodity area
•    Exchange feedback on supplier and contract performance
•    Discuss sustainable products and practice
•    Receive guidance on available collaborative agreements
•    Discuss supplier, market and product developments
•    Receive presentations on market and product developments
•    Have access to email distribution lists for easy discussion with colleagues

This group meets two to three times per year.  To see when the next Telecommunications Group Meeting is taking place, visit our Events page.

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Tammie Purdue 
Stephen Harvey 
0118 935 7081 
01202 363261