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SUPC Adopts Supplier Management Tool

SUPC Adopts Supplier Management Tool

SUPC is solidifying its commitment to sustainable procurement and has purchased a licence for NETpositive, a practical online tool to help institutions promote positive sustainable behaviour among suppliers.  The tool helps users ensure that supplier core business activities adapt to, and help address, current and future social, economic and environmental challenges. SUPC will use this tool with framework suppliers to measure supplier progress towards various sustainability milestones.  SUPC members can also use the tool to manage the sustainability activities of their supplier base and can access a discounted licence fee.


How Are Universities Using the Tool? 

Data is now emerging from the tool demonstrating how the 27 UK universities are currently using NETpositive, and you can download the infographic below to see how the tool is impacting the HE sector.


We are also supporting our suppliers already using the CIPS Sustainability Index, another independent, cross-sector financial, social and environmental supplier audit tool. For more information about using either tool, please contact SUPC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .